Warning to EM-1 users :sunshine into EVF can create indeletable blotches, as confirmed by Olympus.

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Gregm61 wrote:

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babalu wrote:

I personally believe this to be a serious technical flaw that needs to be addressed by Olympus ASAP.

I remember that we used magnifying glasses and other lenses in the sun to burn wood when we were children. The same can easily happen with any other optics (viewfinder or front lens of a camera). That's not a technical flaw, that's optics!

Sorry, I didn't understand.

The EVF is never exposed to the light, but get info electronically from the sensor, there's no mirror.

Are you saying that is the sensor itself that was damaged in these user reports? Indeed this will of course happen if exposed badly to the sun, especially with fast primes. Like those poor ants.... I'll probably go to hell.....

Or you meant sun hitting the evf directly from the back??

Sounds to me like a lot of people use the back LCD to shoot, like there's no viewfinder on the camera, or they use it on a tripod with the rear facing the sun. I never do either, do not expect to encounter the problem and have not seen it with either my now almost two year old E-M5 or several months-old E-M1.

For the DSLR's with no finder shutter Olympus always provided a plastic cap to cover the rear eyepiece so sun could not get in and affect metering if you were using the camera with the rear LCD. Sounds like they need to keep providing those, but for a different reason.

So, if I am hearing everyone correctly, if the sun hits the outer lens of EVF directly (where you put your eye), at a certain angle (any idea?), it can damage the EVF. Right?


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