Will Panasonic briung a mFT compact camera?

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Re: I wonder why they'll even bother with the LX8?

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Perhaps I shouldn't read to many rumors, but this one looked very interesting:


Do you think this "large" sensor could be micro 4/3 or only 1 inch or even smaller?
A mFT counterpart of the Canon G1XmkII with EVF would be great, but then, how would this fit into the LX line?

Anyway, I need to dream sometimes.


With the GM1, they already have a high quality compact, with the added bonus of interchangeable lenses. What will the LX8 offer over that? Maybe a little smaller lens that's a bit brighter?

A silent leaf shutter that does not have the problems of the current electronic shutters?

I can see many advantages of a small fixed lens large sensor camera especially if it is sealed or waterproof. The Canon G1X is too big and heavy but, otherwise, is a decent package. I liked the concept of the Fuji x20 - pity it is a 2/3 sensor and not 4/3.

The lens does not need to be a true zoom but could be stepped focal lengths.


People always flog the weakest point of any camera half to death.


I was talking about the problem with current electronic shutters as implemented by Panasonic and the relative advantage of leaf shutters - no rolling shutter effect; virtually silent; wide flash sync speed etc.

Are you in denial of this problem?

Has leaf shutter tech changed so that we wouldn't be limited to a 1/500th shutter speed? I admit, it's been quite a while since I've shot a camera with a leaf shutter and haven't paid any attention to anything recent that might use a leaf.

Not too sure myself, but the LX7 is sometimes said to have a leaf shutter (but does it?), and it goes to 1/4000, and the highest flash sync is indeed 1/4000.

The Sony RX10 indeed has a leaf shutter and flash syncs at f2.8 up to 1/1600, and at f8 up to 1/3200. So way above 1/500 these days.

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