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fakuryu wrote:

Meuh wrote:

I worked out that the 55mm f2.8 on the 645z would be like a 28mm f1.4 on apcs, I have a 24mm f1.4 coming soon from samyang (that I won) but I don't think that on my k5 will give the same sort of look.

The 645D has a crop factor of .78x so the 55 f2.8 should be around 42mm f2.2? I'll try to post a shot I've taken with the 645D and the 55 f2.8 once I get home, it's not the best sample but something you might get some info on.

I see the 645z stated as being 1.7x larger than FF. Wouldn't the math be 55mm * 1/1.7 = 32.35mm for FF equivalence? That would then make 32.35mm * 1/1.5 = 21.56mm for APS-C equivalance? 1.7 * 1.5 is 2.55, so wouldn't that be 2 and a half stops in DOF, so f2.8 on MF would be f1.2 on APS-C or even a little larger?

Thank you

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