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As a regular reader of this forum over the last couple of years, and someone who probably always checks out your threads, I'd say definitely not on the medium format (assuming the reasoning is purely business related).

The way I see it, if you had a clear need for a medium format camera you would already know about it, and have some specific clients who want whatever extra magic it could bring to the table. Let's not forget, Benjamin Kanarek shot fashion covers with Pentax APS-C for years.

In my view, if you want greater resolution (and no AA filter), get a K3 and/or one of the upcoming Sigma Quattro cameras. If you want thinner depth of field, get one of the premium 50mm f1.4s available for the K-mount. Do you really want to take a medium format camera round your events?

I would think about what your output formats are (print sizes etc.), who your clients are and decide on that basis. If you want to try medium format, for studio work at least, what about a second-hand film camera such as the 645n? Much cheaper initial investment; you'd get back about what you paid for it if you decide to resell and also the current prices are a steal.

Then again though, if you really want an expensive new toy that also happens to have a practical (semi)justification, I'm sure you'd do some excellent work with the 645z!

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