Street BW from JPGs as good as RAW

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Ray Sachs
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Re: Street BW from JPGs as good as RAW

geraldPP wrote:

Also because of the wealth of information from this forum I've also got the new problem of what to use......ACR, Iridient or Photo Ninja? I have all three and think Photo Ninja is superior but as the OOC JPGs are sharp enough and I'm going to add film grain there's not a lot to gain.

Gerald, I'd say all of the talk of which processor to use (Irident, Photo Ninja, Adobe, etc) is largely because of the way Adobe handles certain types of foliage. Even there, it's something that not all of us are sensitive to. For street work, I wouldn't give it a second thought. Not to try to convince you to shoot raw - you're doing FINE with jpeg! But I just wouldn't really consider that as an important factor for this type of shooting....

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