has µ4/3 lost its way?

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Re: It hasn't lost it's way BUT it is missing the point...

Levan wrote:

1. I'm not a fanboy of anything.

I suggested that you are a fanboy of m43 as much as you suggested I am a FFanboy in your previous post. I did not have the intention to attack you and I hope you did not have the intention to attack me.

2. I still shoot film (when I want and need to). I shoot FF also. Sometimes, I even shoot with Polaroid "instant Photo".


3. Before FF sensor I shot film and aps-c, along with 4/3.

Now I don't get it. Why did you ask me what FF users were shooting before then?

I'm not a fanboy, as you suggested, I'm just open minded enough not to convince myself (and others), that there is only one way of making a good photo, and it's all mine.

Good for you.
This discussion is derailed now and far beyond the topic which OP started.

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