Street BW from JPGs as good as RAW

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Re: Street BW from JPGs as good as RAW

Ray Sachs wrote:

Hi Gerald,

Very nice set. I particularly love the first and last, with the light playing in the steam / smoke. Back when I was first shooting with the X-Pro, before there was ANY raw support for the X-Trans, let alone GOOD raw support, I shot everything with jpeg. And I was doing most of my street shooting with Fuji in those days (although also a fair amount with the EM5). I always felt that the jpegs were more than good enough, with far more ability to recover shadows and highlights than from most jpegs at the time, and better than the raw files from some cameras.

For this kind of fairly high contrast B&W shooting, the jpegs are absolutely good enough, because there's a fair amount of full-on white and full-on black in these shots, so shadow and highlight recovery isn't terribly important in the first place. I personally really love this look and the good news is it's less challenging for the equipment than higher dynamic range type of shooting. And, as you note, Fuji's auto-DR (combined with auto ISO or just setting the ISO to 400 or 800 for 200% or 400% DR) work incredibly well for the jpegs. And now works pretty well for raws in Lightroom as well, which auto-corrects the exposure as the jpegs do.

I'm doing the bulk of my street work with the little Nikon Coolpix A these days, but sometimes pull the Fuji out primarily with the 14mm lens. And with good raw support available now (including the film simulations for color) I just shoot raw anymore. But when I first had the XT1 I was shooting a lot of jpeg as well and it was doing a fine job, as you're showing... It's for sure "good enough" and for many applications its arguably as good as shooting raw. As, again, you show so brilliantly here!

We judge photographers by the photographs we see. We judge cameras by the photographs we miss - Haim Zamir

Thanks Ray! It was two years ago we were showing off the wondrous JPGs from our XP1s

Then you disappeared, charmed by all the rest of your great collection of cameras. Didn't know which forum to look for you...glad to know you have the X-T1...I'm still waiting to pick mine up These photos were with the X-E1 and X-E2.

My problem with RAW is it's taking up too much disk space and I'd rather shoot on continuous then single and camera gets quite hot shooting on continuous.


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