RX100 RAW vs JPG - Help please

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Re: RX100 RAW vs JPG - Help please

yetishot wrote:

If it was me I would want the raw files for a few select keepers that you will probably have.

This seems excellent advice. Take at least as many cards as you'll need to cover a single day's shooting. At least each evening, if not more frequently, delete raws for all the many pictures that you can see are never going to be important keepers. From there you have two options: have an even greater supply of memory cards, the extras to be used for storage, or transfer from your shooting cards to a laptop, tablet, or similar bulk storage device to free-up your shooting cards for the next shoot.

I cant say that the JPEGS have impressed me that much but I havent played with the settings yet either.

... And/or use a neutral JPEG setting, then do quick batch transforms to the JPEGs when you get home in post. For me, biggest single thing to get acceptable JPEGs without raw would be to do a custom white balance whenever possible. I don't normally bother to do that because I normally shoot raw. But if I needed decent JPEGs, custom WB plus careful attention to exposure would be my first look-outs.

Doing the custom WB would give me an excuse to use the XRite Passport that normally sits neglected in a camera bag. And while I have that out for the WB, I'd flip it over and grab a ColorChecker shot in the same light for later use in post-processing.

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