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I have FF cameras as well as a 645D. No question the 645D has the better IQ. Just about anything about image quality is better, DR, noise, colour, tones, detail. In addition, probably because of the larger sensor, the larger image circle and the longer flange distance, bokeh has a different look on MF which to me is more appealing. The transition between in-focus and OOF areas is different.

MF has several practical drawbacks. You generally need to use 1-fstop slower to achieve the same DOF as you would with FF. So an f4 portrait becomes an f5.6 portrait. An f11 landscape become an f16 landscape. The smaller aperture means a slow shutter speed, higher ISO or use flash. Of course, the camera and lenses are large and heavy as well.

All those pixels and the desire to use a slower shutter speed as well as no image stabilization mean the camera is best used on a tripod. Handheld is possible, but you run the risk of movement induced blur.

I don't have any direct comparisons handy between the 645D and FF, but this shot illustrates some of the points. Notice that even at f5.6 only the eyes are in focus. The tip of his nose is already out of focus as are his sideburns. Those eyes, however, are very sharp. Even though the sensor is CCD I haven't really had any issues at high ISO. This is at ISO 1250.

Camera Store Model - Pentax 645D with 75mm

This next shot shows how the bokeh fades away.

Pentax 645D 85mm f11

And, another bokeh shot,

Pentax 645D with 55mm at f4.0 - No I didn't put the flower there. That is exactly how I found it.

All these were handheld, but I would still recommend using a tripod or a monopod. Many of my handheld shots show motion blur.

This last one is a sunset from a tripod.

Pentax 645D with 35mm at f11

I hope you are happy with whatever choice you make.

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