New omd pro lenses for mft may be priced too high.

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Re: New omd pro lenses for mft may be priced too high.

i think you seem to be argueing from the pov of a hobbyist. olympus states quite clearly it is a pro lense. this means you should be able to use it professionally with confidence that it will work, work well, built well, and is reliable. as you know, the 12-40 was considered expensive also but whrn you consider what it is, it is well worth the cost.

for example, if you are a canon user, you would not go out to buy L glass unless you had money to spare or you are a pro that needs that level of performance.

labelling it pro is meant to be for a very specific market. a market that wants high quality glass with build quality to match. this will not be cheap. it isnt meant to be cheap.

personally i have no need for a ultrawide zoom. i can make do with the panny ultrawide. i just finished a wedding and 75% of my shots were with the 12-40 pro zoom. the remaining were shot with the 45mm oly glass. as good as that cheap 45 is, that pro zoom outperformed it in speed, accuracy and reliability. i had only 2 out of focus shots on the pro zoom. 2 out of 1500 shots were out of focus. the 45 had over 30 out of 500 misfocus in that fast paced shooting environment. understand i cant be missing that many shots. a couple of those missed shot (and even their backup shots) were oof shots of the brides family. luckily i get to make initial selection.

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