has µ4/3 lost its way?

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Re: It hasn't lost it's way BUT it is missing the point...

Levan wrote:

I never said m4/3 is better than FF. I said, that m4/3 is good enough and even more for many occasions. In cases when m4/3 is not enough, we use FF. In cases when m4/3 is more than needed, we use high-end compact. In cases, when high-end compact is more than enough, we use cellphone. It does not mean the one of these is better than the other. That is you, who says, that FF is the only way to make a photo good photo. I wonder what these FF boys where doing 10 years (or whenever the first ff DSLR was made) ago? Shooting only film?

a) Nope never said that FF is the only way to make a good photo.

b) Most probably shooting film yes. Why? What where the m43 fanboys doing?

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