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panasonicpentax wrote:

Well, if it's for a business, then you have to look at the return on investment. If you have a honking great 645Z sitting on your shelf (tastefully arranged with some non-functional antique wooden cameras) then are your customers going to look at you as if you're worth more money than the guy with the shelf of white Canon lenses?

If you turn up at the event with two assistants carrying your lens bag, are they going to think that it's money well-spent and recommend you to their friends? (They don't have to know that half the lenses in the bag belong on the wooden cameras.)

Of course the real value of a professional photographer is how good their pictures are but first impressions count for a lot.

That's one thing I've noticed, people react differently to different size camera's, using the nikon d3 was a completely different experiences than from using the Panasonic gf1. With the nikon people though I was press, worked for someone big and just paid attention to what I was doing but with the gf1 it was like I was invisible

There are two other studio's next to me, there is also lots of photographers with apcs camera's (hell even point and shoots these days), lots of FF shooters but its rare to see a MF shooter and it would be nice to get a little something extra to my images that's harder for others to emulate for the times I'm not doing lots of strobe work.

I'm thinking of it as an investment for the studio but also for future projects, the people I have all done work for are happy with my current images and work but I feel it would be nice have the ability to record stuff in higher detail and some extra subject isolation wouldn't go a miss.

I've been looking at lots of samples, the 645z samples don't look that great imho after playing with my merrill for a while, at 100% the images don't seem to be that sharp and the borders look soft. but then i've been looking at 645d images (since its been around more) and it seems to render things nicely and images have a depth to them that I don't currently get

I worked out that the 55mm f2.8 on the 645z would be like a 28mm f1.4 on apcs, I have a 24mm f1.4 coming soon from samyang (that I won) but I don't think that on my k5 will give the same sort of look.

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