Best Matte Paper for Epson 3880

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Re: Best Matte Paper for Epson 3880

PaulR wrote:

I have become an increasingly serious and demanding printer using my Epson 3880. I am currently printing primarily on Epson Exhibition Fiber, Canson Baryta Photographique and Canson Platine Fiber Rag. So far my favorites are the Canson papers and I am not sure yet which I prefer. I've also tried the Harman Gloss Baryta and I love the surface but the quality control simply isn't there, far too many sheets have defects in the coating. All of those papers are more expensive than I would really like but they do make lovely prints.

And I have also printed a fair amount on Epson Hot Press Bright and I really like the matte surface but the lack of saturation and contrast compared to the other papers really makes the sort of color printing I do seem relatively lifeless.

So my question is whether anybody has tried a matte paper that achieves the color saturation and dMax that is possible with the Baryta papers but without the surface sheen. I know it is probably like searching for the Holy Grail but I thought I would ask.

Thanks for the comments.

After trying a number of matte papers I settled on Epson Hot Press Natural. It has very good dMax and to me it's slightly better than Canson Photographique Rag. I also liked the Canson Photograpique Baryta, but in general I prefer a matte surface.

Slightly Different Subject:

If you are interested in canvas, I suggest that you try Breathing Color Lyve Matte Canvas in conjunction with the Glamour II veneer. With that combination the dMax is very good and the resulting surface is very durable.

At some point I would like to try the Epson Exhibition Canvas Matte to see how it compares. Any matte canvas will need to be coated to protect the surface from scuffing.

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