has µ4/3 lost its way?

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Re: It hasn't lost it's way BUT it is missing the point...

Nonsence again.

latest m4/3 sensors are equal if not better, than many ff sensors only a few years ago. photography is not cell phone market. there are many advantages to the m4/3 system, which are more relevant to the certain type of pro photography, than a little bit of more resolution. It's quality is good enough for most occasions, while bringing portability ie. mobility.  It was never intended for studio work, while it's good at it, it's advantages are almost absulite. Aps-c is the real dead horse.

Non sense again...

M43 sensors are better than medium format.

It is said that M43 sensor design was sent by God to deliver ultra superior image quality.

If it is not true then why NASA would use an M43 sensor in the hubble telescope?

Michaelangelo used an om1 to get that amount of detail for the sistine Chapel.

You guys are just jealous because m43 is so good. Better than your stupid full frame with that amount of resolution and high iso.

And you can't even show me facts because I am not even listening... LALALALALALALAM43ISTHEBESTLALALALALA

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