Is it still good to buy GR IV ?

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Harold66 wrote:


from your gera list , it does not even look you have a ricoh camera so you were not one of these poor schmucks who were facing the " dreadful possibility " of buying ( or having bought) a soon to be discontinued product.


Worst thing a man can do is to list all the gear from the shelves and bags right in his signature of an online forum. For me it is too many to list, and also irrelevant to bother others with.

However, there is an issue I wish to address: Ricoh indeed may be called one of the most ethical companies in the world. As of yesterday, because today is another day and today needs another proof.

I have underscored that their achievement before, and wrote several times Ricoh is indeed a worthy company, but that does to mean they should sit on the temporary laurels and stop trying be even better. They should be extending that attitude from their major assets and interests of business into those areas which are not so visible and still developing. Like their Ricoh Imaging division. Each company has its strong and its weak facets and parts, and Ricoh Imaging part of Ricoh is still NOT there yet. They have many bridges to cross and are slow learners — even from within the same mother company.

And it is also in yours and everybody’s part to point to the new and emerging division of the large company some areas that they do need to focus more. Their input for future planning and future behaviour is your opinion, your concern, and if you provide none, you will not get one back.

So far, Ricoh cameras division was such a little venture and they teated it as an obscure hobby. Because it was so small and had limited feedback with its userbase, Ricoh assumed the look of a kooky underground-cult type of a camera maker, that appeals to the same sort of people — barely communicative individuals enwrapped in cloaks of their own world.

(Sometimes I wonder how our eloquent Tom ended up there among them? But that's an exception that proves the rule, I presume)

But times change, and Ricoh Imaging — composed of those same old uncommunicative people now representing two brands — cannot continue being equally quirky, uncommunicative and Bohemian. They cannot extend that same old Bohemian and oddball culture now on to the Pentax brand they bought, or they will destroy it and with it their only hope to change for the better.

They must change, and sooner they change, the better for everyone.

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