X-E1 vs X-T1 EVF

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Re: DIY Bayonet petal-style hood for 35mm f/1.4

Its like night and day. I started with an XE1. A superb body my wife now has it. However, the ONLY reason I purchased an XT1 was for the evf. Its dslr big and much less lag than the XT1.

I'm a full time eyeglasses wearer. With the XE1, it was glasses off to shoot. With the XT1, I can easily shoot with my glasses on. I also shot Nikons for 40 years and never got used to what I consider a tiny viewfinder. No issues with my X100, perhaps as I'm usually in ovf mode. But the XE1 was like looking down a dark little tunnel.

The beauty of the XE1, at least for me, is its delightful in hand as long as one does not hang a big fat lens on it. With a thumb-rest I can carry it all day on a wrist strap and never notice it. The XT1 lacks a good grip without one of the accessory grips and I quickly gave up using a wrist strap. Carry is the reason I still use the XE1.  If I'm out all day as I was twice last week, I grab the XE1, if its available.

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