A little loss on the Panasonic Leica 14mm

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Re: Panasonic 14mm focus speed

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I shoot indoors a lot, with fast moving kids - will the f2.5 make a big difference? or is it just a matter of increasing ISO (I can deal with some grain) to get a better shutter speed?

The 14-42EZ is f3.5 at 14 mm, and that is one stop slower than f2.5, which is the difference between 1/125 and 1/250, or ISO 3200 and ISO 1600. With better M43 sensors, one stop is less important these days, unless you're pushing ISO 6400 and you need a fast shutter to stop action.

More important in your situation is the ability of your lens to focus fast enough to deal with the fast kids. The 14mm has a reputation for quick focus, but I haven't used mine on fast moving subjects.

The 14mm focuses at warp speed.

Cheers, geoff

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I may have to give it a go.. I come from the Pentax K-01 and I like to use primes, but the AF is so much better on the Olympus. I just got the Olympus 45/1.8 - and I have to say, struggling to use it - only because of the FL.. it's so long in small places like my apartment or restaurants - just not used to it enough yet to get used to it.

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