Recommendations on new Zeiss lens for my a6000?

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Re: Recommendations on new Zeiss lens for my a6000?

Mark K wrote:

DanTravel wrote:

I am looking for a recommendation on a new Zeiss lens. I'm very happy with my a6000 and the kit lens has given me some great shots. However, I'd like to see if I can increase the sharpness of my shots even more.

I've heard good things about the E-Mount 16-70 Zeiss FF lens.

I know FF E-mount is comparable with my ASP-C E-Mount, and I assume there won't be any weird things to look out for. Since, I would be just disregarding the outer part of the light projected by the lens.

Anything else I should be concerned about when using a FF lens on an APS-C?

If anyone has this lens, how would you compare it to the kit lens in terms of quality? If they exist, I'd love to see comparisons of the same shot with the Kit lens and the Zeiss lens.



16-70 is surely a better lens but all primes mentioned above actually give you sharper image. If you don't mind spending less, the three Sigma primes are great lenses even without looking at their prices. I am very happy with Sony's own prime offerings including 35/1.8, 50/1.8, 30 macro and Zeiss 35/2.8, 55/1.8. However, these two Touits offer is a deal I had never dreamed of.

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Mark K

So, I've just discovered the Trouit offer!  I was willing to spend $1k on a Zeiss zoom, but now I am strongly leaning towards the 2 Zeiss primes for when I want to do some really sharp and focused work.  I can keep my Sony kit zoom lens as my versatile lens when I want to pack light and just take shots at everything.

I'm only worried about hybrid AF.

I know pretty soon I'll still want a Zeiss mid range zoom to replace my kit lens - I've entered into an expensive hobby

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