What is the difference between Sony's "Clear Zoom" and "Smart Zoom?"

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Kawika Nui Contributing Member • Posts: 665
What is the difference between Sony's "Clear Zoom" and "Smart Zoom?"

The a600 has at least two "in-camera zoom" modes: "Clear Zoom" and "Smart Zoom." Sony says that "Smart Zoom" is not the same as "Clear Zoom." Here is Sony's minimalist description of "Smart Zoom":

"The Smart Zoomâ„¢ feature intelligently uses the full image sensor in the camera to allow zooming into the portion of interest by cropping the image size, thus avoiding image degredation caused by digital zooms."

This is pretty murky--does this feature simply use less of the sensor, so that one ends up with fewer MP? (This would be fine with me--I prefer a 12mp image with zero digital alteration.)

Can anyone clarify how this feature works?

Also, the "Clear Zoom" feature is very limiting. Sony warns that:

"The Clear Image Zoom function does not operate in the following situations:

In Movie mode

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In Sweep Shooting mode

--When the Smile Shutter function is activated

--When Drive Mode is set to Cont. Shooting, Spd Priority Cont. or Bracket: Cont.

--When Face Detection function is activated

--When Quality is set to RAW or RAW & JPEG

--When ISO is set to Multi Frame Noise Reduction"

Does "Smart Zoom" have these same limitations? Sony does not say.

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