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Meuh wrote:

I have an opportunity coming up that will give me an injection of cash for my studio if all goes well, I would like to invest back into the studio ofc and have been thinking that getting a Medium Format like the 645z could be a good idea.

But I have some doubt's as anyone would when it comes to buying something at that amount of money.

They way I see it an 645z with 55mm f2.8 (which I have been reading isn't that great) is around £7800 with the flu card, I would need a wider and possibibly a 70/90mm and 120-150mm lens as well to give me some more creative options but there seems to be some nice lens for 150-300 each on ebay so that dosn't seem so bad (not sure about the wider lens).
But for that kind of money, one could buy a sony a7r,

A7r, Shutter shock, light leaks, 11-bit raw file compression, iffy about range-finder type lenses, Sony rarely issues firmware fixes, composite mount (some metal I think).

I would consider D800 for your work before A7r myself.  Now what about A7 - it has EFCS?

But the 645Z is to dream about of course.  BTW it will shoot 16-bit tiffs if you want or lossless 14-bit raw files or DNG or whatever.

techincal camera (to use the sony as a back), some lens (my current ff lens would also work), some super fast flash duration lights as well as some new battery powered flash's, sigma dp1m dp2m (to got with the dp3m) for 1/1250-1/2000 flash sync and great IQ and some other bits and bobs for the studio... or just for kicks a new car


I wouldn't mind investing the money (if this works out) into a MF camera, but I'm not sure if its the right thing to do, is the look that MF gives worth the large investment? Is there anyone with examples of say a 645d and a FF camera that could show me what an image looks like on both systems using equivalent FL and Aperture?

I know the sensor in the 645z is around 70% larger than the sensor you would find in a FF sensor so the difference between a MF and FF is less than a FF and APCS, I understand that a FF camera has more shallow DoF options due to faster glass but MF has a smoother transition from focus to out of focus areas but is it really that noticeable on a crop MF?

I plan to ofc use the camera for studio/location work but also to document event's around the local area as well as other events like say the odd wedding or partys (along with my apcs camera) and I was wondering if it would give a nice look that's not possable with smaller formats or if im just as well to get a mirroless FF and slap on some good old fast glass (I love to Manual focus anyway).

If anyone has any useful info that would be great.

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