(Looking for) Leica T lenses compared

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(Looking for) Leica T lenses compared

Some people say 23mm Summicron has the same quality as Leica 35/2.0. Others say it's disappointing. Just as some say T zoom is the best kit lens ever made while others say it's merely average. Well, either the first guys are fanboys or second group are haters... There are also impartial tests

Here's the only test I've found. And 23mm DOESN'T shine here (it's good, sure, but it doesn't drop anyone's jaw)


(you can compare this lens with a -bigger, yes, and much cheaper and f/1.4- Fuji XT 23/1.4 or pretty much anything similar)

But this one test won't tell everything either. You can't rate bokeh via numbered stats i.e.

So here's an important thing I'd like to ask you for: If you own Leica T, could you please take some pictures with it alongside with other camera you got? Probably 99% of T users already have another camera. And it would be great -and cut off the fanboy/hater nonsense- to see how those images really look like side by side. Same frame, same subject, same distance, focal length and aperture.

I think it would be a great value for people considering buying the T. Thanks in advance!

(And to walk the talk, here are 3 pics showing what I was initially most interested in about the T: bokeh quality in portraits by 23mm Summicron:

http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/53762601 )

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