Zeiss touit - a business case study for future students?

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Re: Zeiss touit - a business case study for future students?

Canadianguy wrote:

What were they thinking when they launched this line?

Hey lets build 2 lenses for a low volume mount (compared to C&N) - 32mm F1.8 and a 12mm F2.8 lens and lets price is at about double what other people charge because we build premium products.

But hey doesn't Fuji already have a 35mm F1.4 & a 14mm F2.8 lens?

Doesn't Sony have a 35mm F1.8 & 16mm F2.8 lens?

Looks like someone lost their nerve and doesn't want to sit on these in their warehouse anymore. Fire sale time! Only problem - premium products NEVER go on sale. If they do - it only to special people and never advertised. Otherwise you lose your premium status.

Be interesting to see if they release any other products in this line or is it end of the line.

Sigma always went where the big boys weren't. Only recently, have they started to take on the big boys head to head in the 35mm, 50mm, 85mm F1.4 series lenses and they priced them below the big boys.

I don't think they would have had much success with their F1.4 lenses if they priced them at a premium compared to C&N.

I think the Touits were principally devised for the Sony e-mount market.  A 12mm lens is a significantly wider step from 16mm than Fuji's 14mm (and the Sony 16mm is far from a standout).  I'm not sure of the rationale for the 32mm given decent 35mm lenses in both brands.  You may well be right about their product positioning and marketing.  I don't know how well they've sold, but the discounts are certainly substantial.

Sigma's Art Series lenses are so far only large, fast FF DSLR lenses.  I doubt we're going to see another line of premium primes from Sigma for mirror-less.  I'm happy to be proven wrong.  Samyang may be the one to watch.


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