Arca Swiss Clamp for OMD-EM10

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Gerry Siegel
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Re: Arca Swiss Clamp for OMD-EM10

Brian D. Schneider wrote:

Virtual Photon wrote:


I have the one for the EM1, it feels & looks like a part of the camera. I never take it off.

You can also get an end plate to allow vertical pics.

I agree.  RRS plates are not super duper ineexpensive but are designed with care in mind for the camera.  Not too much superfluous metal and strong Arca Swiss dovetails. Also don't ingnore that the plates which fit snugly under the basic camera have spaces for getting at the battery chamber and have a threaded screw in the lens center which is not so on my E-1 itself....thoughtfulof them.  Also has a spare 1/4 thread for a sling strap for these small cameras.  As to the L portion adapter.....I may not buy it.  I like the little sitting stability the base plate adds to the camera without adding just a smidgin of weight.....AND if you don't like it, send it back within 30days///   made in the USA if that is of some import to you.....enjoy!  Costly camera deserves solid accessories

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