GH4 vs GH3 for Stills and Stills pulled from Video?

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Re: GH4 vs GH3 for Stills and Stills pulled from Video?

The Rabbit video was AF with the point on his/her head, so any focus errors are the GH4 not me. Although if you're talking about the still it is okay for focus but movement is causing problems (which was the point of the post). If I'd known it would be that good I'd have used MF for the video, but I'm still playing with the GH4. I'm pretty sold that video AF is rubbish though, it just hunts all the time with longer lenses, I guess the 70D/Cx00s have nothing to worry about (not that I care mostly as MF is usually fine). These are all experiments BTW, finding out what works with the GH4.

You misunderstand the point of the cyclist pic, it's just showing what 1/320 gets you blur-wise. (Also it has big DoF as I was alternating video and stills so no variable-ND as I'd have for video only.) I was just seeing how a fast shutter speed went as a large collection of stills, plus what the video looked like (surprisingly not so bad, well not allowing for technique - alas only three groups not not much chance to experiment). Of course here AF is a must, no chance of a focus pull that fast.

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