Hmmmm! The first negative T review...

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Re: Hmmmm! The first negative T review...

barjohn wrote:

I had the A7 & A7R at the same time and I had the kit zoom and the 55mm prime. I shot in JPG + Raw. I actually wound up prefering the files from the A7 even though I preferred the additional detail of no AA filter and 36mp the R offered. The 55mm f1.8 FE lens is an excellent lens but not a FL I use often. The kit zoom was very decent for a kit zoom but they still just didn't quite get there for me. Could be my imgaination but I have a friend that sees it the same way I do. I really wanted to like the A7 as the price was great.

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Honest criticism and feedback should be welcomed. It helps the buyer and it helps the manufacturer improve.

I just see the Sony A7/A7r and an immature system.  If Sony continues to invest in R&D in the system it has great potential, but it probably will take years for that to happen.

Rumor has it that Sony is now waiting to see what the rest of the players do before a respin starts.

I think Nikon and Canon will simply yawn.

Another rumor, that probably will not pan out, is a Fuji FF X-system.  That would be daring, but probably well received if Fuji is willing to make that investment.

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