Canon PIXMA PRO-100 Inkjet printer any good?

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Re: Just got mine yesterday

Thanks for your help, just to confirm this for anyone finding the thread in future- I double checked with Canon USA and you're correct that the inks the printer comes with are not oversize or undersize just normal inks the same as the replacement inks you can buy in the shops. In haste I canceled the order I had and reordered the same printer but with inks so I will be ok to begin with.

One of the attractive things about this printer seemed to be the lifetime of prints when using Canon paper and inks. I'm going to use the prints from this printer in an exhibition and liked the fact I could say to any prospective buyers the prints were lifed for 20years, do you have any info on the lifetime, colour-fast(ness) of these Precision Colors Inks as they're hugely less expensive!


EDIT: Hadn't read your post Bob- am now confused but pleased I cancelled and reordered an unopened printer - there are plenty on the US eBay now at half the price of the UK versions around £180 with all taxes paid - just in case anyone's interested.

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