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Re: Do us all a favour

hanging round wrote:

Isca wrote:

OK, here goes, I've updated the link to my Smugmug account below just in case my comments go sideways!!!

First off, I'm not big into flowers, I'm reminded of a fellow photographer friend of mine who has the same thing about birds, to paraphrase him "it's a flower, it's not doing anything".

The white vignette doesn't help it, the eye is drawn to contrast, brightness and saturation, all you've done is draw the eye to the border. The end of the stalk actually disappears into the border too, that is a little jarring.

DOF looks good to me.

The top flower looks a bit over exposed, maybe burn it in a bit in Lightroom to overcome that.

You still have the issue of the distracting specular highlights in the background, I find them a bit distracting.

Nice enough photo, certainly didn't appreciate the ensuing dialogue but I'm just C & C'ing the photo I guess.

Thank you.

Yours is one of the few sensible comments in this whole mess

The PP in the picture is exactly what I was trying to achieve.........obviously not for everyone.If someone wants many crisp flower pictures.....I have them too

Stop trying to single-handedly cure insomnia.

Thanks for your post.............

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