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Re: Medium Format.

The difference between APS-C and 24x36 mm "full frame" is much greater than the difference between 24x36 and 33x44 mm medium format.

So 24x36 is about 1.25 stops more flexible than APS-C, and the 33x44 sensor is about 0.75 stops more flexible than 24x36, or 2 stops more flexible than APS-C.

It is better, but the cost benefit trade off decreases rapidly. In fact the 24x36 has more flexibility due to larger aperture lenses.

So if money is a driving factor I would go affordable high end like D800 (A7/R doesn't really have enough lenses yet, look at what they have and see if it would work for you, and the 24-70mm f/4 is not very good). If money is not a driving factor then the 645z would be a really nice camera I imagine.

Also, the larger the sensor is, the less enlargement to get to your output sized image (web or print).  This usually means sharper and more detailed images with the larger sensor.  This is probably only noticeable at larger output sizes.


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