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Muga wrote:

Hi, I am a beginner who normally just photographs when traveling (mostly), don't do PP, use iPhoto, etc. But I just bought an a6000 and starting to get more into it, hoping to use either Aperture or LR . Maybe Aperture will get some updates on Monday haha. I am on the trial for LR and I dont really like its UI... coming from iPhoto.

Anyways, my problem is that I just came back from a trip and shot around a 1000 photos, RAW+JPEG, so 2000 files and lots of gigabytes... I've never really shot RAW and I just realized that it is gonna be taking a lot of my space! I have quite limited HD space as of now and trying to figure things out. I am currently deleting poor pictures and some copies. What do you guys suggest I do? I am thinking that I should sort out with ratings, delete the RAWs for say 2-3 stars, and keep both for 4-5 stars?

LR has 3 ways to rate/grade/pick your pictures, you can flag or pick those you want to keep or edit, you can rate by stars, or group by a color which you can select just those later to apply a recipe to after editing the first that's like it(a group of  shots of a bride for example).

I heard Aperture is better with RAW+JPEG management as it groups it in 1 photo, whereas LR will display both, is this true?

LR gives you a choice to stack similar images so you only see as many as you choose, for example you can have all the identical shots(same file #) stacked which is what I have done, then you can stack a group of shots(a burst of 20 shots of a bird of prey getting dinner) and group them, or group the shots for a pano, etc...

Also, when working with RAW, do I have to give other special consideration to the PP? I normally just adjust colors, shadows, etc. I think I have to manually do De-noising? anything else?

There is a noise section in the develop module, I will typically give a small boost to contrast, saturation, vivid, shadows and lower the black level so as to get my black's black, add sharpness and CA removal, everything is done to taste on a calibrated monitor.

Lastly, about PP. I know there isnt a 'science' to it, but how would I get more educated about this? I just crop, and use sliders and most things until I am happy with it... and learning brushing... I have no structure at all... I think most of you might know what I mean, through your beginning days.

That's all I did, "Cambridge in color" has lots of info on how things work, adobe LR tv has lots of how to's.

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