One of my best days behind a viewfinder ever. RX10 at Blue Spring and Greer Spring in Missouri

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Re: One of my best days behind a viewfinder ever. RX10 at Blue Spring and Greer Spring in Missouri

cchen2 wrote:

Pardon the dumb question, but is bracketing what you would use if you were going to do HDR manually? And if you use the in-camera HDR mode, you wouldn't necessarily be replicating the same effect? Why not just increase the amount of HDR range you use? I guess doing it manually gives you more control over the situation, but is there any other reason?

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Never a dumb question.

To do hdr manually you would choose exposure bracketing in menu /drive mode.

Well, I may be wrong but I don't think these sony cams have incam hdr mode. I believe the closet they come is "HDR Painting " mode which is completely different and fake looking.

You can't increase HDR range in cam, other than using DRO mode which does not come anywhere close. Especially shooting a waterfall in full sun. The falls will be blown out or the areas around the falls will be very dark.

Ansel Adams invented the zone system which shows there is only so much latitude for detail in shadows to detail in highlights. This was for film but still pertains to digital. To increase this you can bracket which should expose for highlighs and midtones and shadows and then blen all together. Hope this makes sense?

Try an incam hdr and see what you get....

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