The Panny 14mm as a walk-around lens -- you can't go back

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The Panny 14mm as a walk-around lens -- you can't go back

If you had asked me half a year ago what my ideal walk around lens combination would have been, I would have told you the Panny 14mm on the camera (an E-PL3 with VF2 at the time) and the Oly 40-150 in my pocket or bag.

Around Xmas, I upgraded to a Panny G6 with 12-35, plus a GM1 with the 12-32.

I didn't get as friendly as I could have with the GM1 -- there are so many situations where, with my glasses, I simply cannot see the screen well enough to compose as I would like -- but I sure got to love that little 12-32 either on the GM1 or on the G6. In my hands (and head) the G6 with the 12-32 fitted was the ideal walk around unit -- a fully featured camera (as the E-PL3 with the VF2 was) but small, light, and handy. Add the Panny 45-150, even smaller than the Oly offering, and away you go!

When I totaled my GM1 and the 12-32 recently, I reverted to the the 14mm on the camera and the Panny 45-150 in the pocket/bag.

Well, folks, I am here to tell you that you can't go back! That little 12-32 zoom has the 14 prime lens beaten hands down and sideways except for one stop less aperture on the 12-14 area -- an that is not so critical given the superior performance of the G6's sensor compared with the E-PL3's sensor.

Both focus at warp speed, both deliver excellent images (particularly when you have PTLens in the PP mix to automatically correct the 12-32's greater barrel distortion), and although the 14 is a touch smaller and is ready to go the instant you switch the camera on while you have to twist the 12-32 lens to extend it, there is not a lot in that.

The key elements are that the 12 does 12 -- the 14 (28mm in FF terms) is so 70s! -- and there are a lot of situations, it turns out, where zooming out to 32 (perhaps with a bit of cropping) saves changing to the tele zoom. In fact, where the 40-150 supplementing the 14 used to be on the camera quite a bit, the 45-150 supplementing the 12-32 only made an occasional appearance.

So it looks as though the purchase of a replacement 12-32 is on the agenda and I might regretfully sell the 14.

That will leave me with only one prime, the Oly f.18 45mm. Nope, I am not about to dispose of that; it has a special place in my bag as a portrait lens although the 12-35 @ 35 does a very nice job….

Life marches on.

Cheers, geoff

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Geoffrey Heard
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