What to do? Clean sensor

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Re: What to do? Clean sensor

thanks! i see my kids face seem out focus a bit (oldest kid posing with board)

still need to learn more. Its just my kids can't keep still! "dad sun hurting me" lol

and then i was worried i would get splashed behind me as i was really in the water, so i had to shoot quick.

Another question,

can dust get into the sensor with lens put on? i mean theres always a breeze at the beach and sand around.

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

Lovely images.

When using blower, make sure about pointing the camera down just as we do to change lenses, as it will reduce the chance of dust getting back in.

IMO, and based on observation between a55 and NEX cameras, I usually have zoom lenses on a55 but primes on NEX. The a55 is more prone to getting dust when I use my travel zoom (Sigma 18-250), not so much when using primes or even Sony 16-50/2.8 (which itself is weather sealed so that may be helping a bit compared to the 18-250 plus the longer zoom action as well).

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