Lightroom or alternatives - would greatly appreciate opinions?

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Lightroom or alternatives - would greatly appreciate opinions?

Hi all

I would greatly value peoples opinions on lightroom and its alternatives.

First some background - I currently use aperture 3 and any software needs to be available for the mac. I am no pro, I enjoy photography, take a lot of photos, do basic retouching but am very much an amateur and take / edit photographs for my own enjoyment.

I use aperture because at the time it was the equal or slightly ahead of lightroom, it was easy to use, produced good results and its workflow (I hate that word) made sense to me but I do like the look of lightroom 5 and after trying it out I really like the gradient tool and the lens correction amongst others. I currently use aperture 3 and gimp / pixelmator and the software that came with my Canon dslr for more in depth editing.

Here is the issue - Lightroom seems to be going subscription (at least to me) and I don't really like the subscription model for my situation - I don't use the cloud storage, don't sell images, and don't edit photos extensively.

My real requirements are as follows

1, ability to work with catalogues / events

2, basic editing

3, I don't mind learning new software but don't want to feel the need to change, and hence earn more new software, in a year

4, I would like lens correction, gradient tools and good black and white conversion.

5, Ability to work with raw files, not the latest cameras but fairly up to date.

Can anyone give me a list of pros and cons for the software they currently use or think that may fit my needs please? is moving to lightroom the most sensible option? are plugins for aperture or external apps available that can do lens correction / gradient work as easily and smoothly as lightroom?

Opinions really are appreciated.

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