What to do? Clean sensor

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Re: What to do? Clean sensor

Steelergeek69 wrote:

Yesterday I noticed a small speck on my left top side of EVF, I carefully took of lens and saw this little speck o the opposite side of sensor. I didn't have a blower so what the best way to remove ? Or Safest? Can I just blow it carefully with my mouth?

i always change lens with body down, how it got in there, don't know. Was at beach yesterday maybe it was there.

Certainly try your camera's sensor clean function first!

In a pinch, a quick and careful puff with your mouth can be fine. But it is so easy to get spit into that, so I avoid it unless I really need to. I carry a blower bulb, but they are very weak.

I would also recommend canned air - as long as you hold it upright, still and use very short bursts. For stubborn dust, I will take a sensor brush, blow it with canned air to "charge it" which helps dust stick to it, and carefully swipe over the dust spot in a swirling motion.

For what it's worth, one dust spec is no big deal. You can't avoid it.

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