Leica M9 + Noctilux 50mm f1.0 Fashion Shoot

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Re: Leica M9 + Noctilux 50mm f1.0 Fashion Shoot

RodluvanII wrote:

mattoz22 wrote:

Hi guys, yes sorry for many of my Leica M mount unchipped lenses the aperture will be wrong on the EXIF but other settings will show as correct. I normally shoot wide open on most lenses (f1.0 here) or at f1.4 if too bright / need a bit more sharpness. The yellow top at f1, black hat at f1.4 hence the yellow top shot zoomed in is not pin sharp. I am not a pixel peeper and like the imperfections of the older lenses that give more of a soft glow look than clinical sharp appearance (from say using ZM Planar or LUX ASPH 50 (less so vs. Planar)).

I've I have no idea where the M9 gets its approximate aperture readings from sometimes!!


Here is one more sample at f1.0 - https://www.flickr.com/photos/32681588@N03/14334504314/


Thanks. Is there a reason for you pulling base iso to 80 as the shutter-speed headroom seems big enough at 1/30. I'm not familiar with he leica sensor, but some film certainly did save more shadow information when pulled

also, wouldn't it be a relatively small cost, considering the lens, to have it chipped?

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Hi, re camera settings, I was shooting wide open with ND filters and for some shots the daylight was too bright so I dropped the ISO from 160 to 80.  As in this shot I then turned the model to use daylight at the key light rather than a strobe (became the kicker).  As a result I suddenly needed more daylight but to keep the speedlight power the same.  The fastest way to do that is drag my shutter (slow shutter) as shutter speed only affects brightness of available light.  IF I had put the ISO back to 160 or high the flash brightness would have increased with each stop.

Hope that makes sense.  Thanks

..I try to shoot at 160 most the time but to be honest have never noticed the loss of dynamic range at ISO 80.

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