Is this all I can expect from the 18-55mm kit lens or should I return it?

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Re: Is this all I can expect from the 18-55mm kit lens or should I return it?

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2eyesee wrote:

I agree that I must have just had a bad copy of the 18-55. I may still try to source a good copy of it - I actually prefer the 18-55 for a few reasons, but only if I can find one with acceptable sharpness wide open. I'll still keep my 16-50 though - one lesson I've learnt from this is if you've got a good copy of a kit lens, don't let it go!

I just compared my Made In Japan black 18-55 that came as the kit lens with the NEX-7, to my years-old silver 18-55 Thailand lens. I had always thought the latter to be a good lens.

I can heartily recommend that you search out one of the Japan lenses. It was obviously sharper over the whole area, edges were straight, and better corners and sides. So much better that I feel that the glass came from a new source and the lens was probably optimized especially for the premium NEX-7 model.

I would be interested in sourcing a Made in Japan 18-55 if it was indeed established that they were better. On the other hand, I'm happy enough with my 16-50 and I've already faced the hassle of returning one 18-55, which required international shipping. I don't really want to go through that again with another lens if I'm not happy with it.

My 18-55 was a black one, but I didn't check if it was Made In Japan or Thailand and I've sent it back now.

Most of the black 18-55 lenses were made in Thailand. I'd be interested in hearing from anyone else who has a made-in-Japan lens.

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