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osv wrote:

Sanjeev Das wrote:

And image review instantly and in high definition, navigable across the frame. I have absolutely no idea why people so highly rate *being able to see what the object they are photographing through a dim bit of glass* when that is most assuredly NOT what the camera captures.

Are you kidding me? Being able to see what you are going to capture is not important? I have a Pentax K3, it is by no means dim. I can take it to the beach. I took the a7r to the beach on a bright sunny day in California. The pictures turned out great. I couldn't see very well through the viewfinder. It was dark. The process of taking the picture and it being an enjoyable experience is important to me.

it appears that you have a post history of bagging on evf's... for instance, you recently pulled the same stunt with the xt-1, that you just did with us... "i rented the camera, the evf sucked" blah blah... lol

putting aside your constant evf trolling, and the fact that you know nothing about using one... the problem you experienced with evf usage in bright sunlight can be largely remedied by stretching a cheap nikon eyecup over the a7/a7r evf eyepiece:


that, and don't wear glasses when taking pictures.

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OK Dan,

Lets recap what happened, in case you forgot. You seem to be getting into the habit of taking things out of context.



The A7R and the FE 55 seems like a match made in heaven. To be able to shoot at f/2 and have the camera nail focus every time and be tack sharp at 100%! Man, I have never seen anything like this before. And the size and the weight are just perfect.

I would have loved to own the camera right now, but there are a couple of things holding me back:

-EVF. I hugely prefer an OVF. I would like the EVF to have better resolution and dynamic range.


So, the questions is: what are the chances of Sony releasing an updated iteration to the A7R that would fix some/all of the above?


one of the greatest strengths of the a7r is it's manual focusing capability, due to focus magnifying with the excellent evf... no ovf can compare to it, not even close.

it sounds like point and shoot autofocus is all you do, so nikon is probably a better bet... nikon also has a much better flash system, the sony f60m flagship flash has a bad rep for overheating.


Not expecting an ovf, but surely higher resolution and better dynamic range in time?


the evf on the a7/a7r has more resolution than the lcd screen does... it probably even has higher resolution than the lcds on your pentax cameras.

so it's essentially the highest resolution picture that you've ever seen on any camera.

it's one of the top two evf's on the market today, i believe... state of the art oled, it doesn't get much better than this, from any company.

you don't need dynamic range for framing a shot, but in really low light, people have complained about the refresh rate of the evf, since it slows down the framerate, in order to show you the same exposure you'll get when you take the photo.

you can turn the wysiwyg feature off, if the refresh rate bothers you, but why revert backwards to shooting like it's an ovf... yuk!

he things you are talking about mirror what adam said in his pentaxforums review of the a7r... someone who didn't take the time to understand what state of the art means.


See what happened? I didn't dish the EVF at all. I was merely asking the forum members if a new EVF was probable in the future. My post was never about EVFs or OVFs or their pros and cons (which I am perfectly aware of).

You didn't answer the question but went into a tangent about why this EVF is state of the art and why there should not be an expectation of any better stuff in the future and why EVFs are better than OVFs

Next time try and read the post carefully before you go blabbering about things out of context.

I did get a lot of useful information from other members in this thread. I still think the EVF can be improved and I hope Sony comes out with a better one this photokina.

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