Comparing Lightroom v5.4 vs Photo Ninja vs Irident

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Re: Lightroom is NOT so bad! I have compared LR vs PN.

mistermejia wrote:

Activatedfx wrote:

It always amazes me that people equate over-sharpened images with "better". If you really look at images processed in Iridient, they can get very "crunchy" and "digital" looking. I went through the whole "LR sucks for X-Trans" thing last year but, since LR 5.4 arrived, I have been completely happy with LR and have stopped wasting time comparing. (And I am a card-carrying pixel-peeper)

I have to agree. I have never used these other editing programs, but this is what i think when comparing LR agains Photo Ninja:

Straight out of the camera, Photo Ninja produces this beautiful colors. But since i downloaded PN trial, I have been messing around with my existing version of LR4 (not 5) and I have been going back and forth to PN and LR4 with the same image to see what it looks like, and yes, I do have to adjust my image a lot more in LR, but once i get it right, it is 95% the same as the image in PN.

The same image i have been comparing looks about the same in LR with plenty of sharpness and detail and color as in PN. Photo Ninja has the edge, but not by much once i get it right in LR. The image i am talking about is a portrait photo, so that might have something to do with the image not being so different once i adjust LR to make it look almost the same. I personally don't do landscape, and i don't shoot at the tip of buildings to compare stuff, so maybe this is where LR might fail, i am not sure.

LR is not that bad as I thought before, based on what everyone here says about the fuji files not being good in LR. Since i already have LR the best deal for me right now was to simply buy the upgrade to LR 5, which i did last night.

LR5 has more options and functions and a ton of nice presets, plus those new fuji colors that I have read from many here. I find LR as a very well put all-in-one package, and i can only think that the program will continue to get better and better.

One thing that I have verified is that highlight recovery in PN is NOT better. Even the files from my S5 Pro suck in PN. I can't believe it. LR4 is even a LOT more powerful when it comes to highlight recovery. And that sample that, that famous guy that tested the new updated "amazing" highlight recovery of the new version of PN for Xtrans files I find it a gimmick, and i wonder how much he got paid to say that. All he did is brightened the whole image in the photo sample posted to avoid seeing the overblowned highlights on the very top edge of the vehicle. The image from LR looks way better and more detailed and the highlights are completely and properly controlled.

I love PN, but i think they are not there yet for me to leave this great LR program. If I didn't have any software at the moment, then i would probably have gotten PN first. But based on what i have seen, my old LR4 is almost just as good as well, and i have nothing to complain about LR at the moment. This is only my opinion based on what i personally do

Shadow recovery as well.  LR is leagues ahead.

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