Do Panasonic cameras also have shutter shock?

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Re: Do Panasonic cameras also have shutter shock?

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I've not experienced shutter shock with my 3 Lumix cameras ; my last was a G3.

Having just bought my first Olympus ,an E-M10 , I won't be looking at Olympus again.

All these rave reviews from the experts and I get a sub standard kit lens , over-complex menu system/options , shutter shock "kind of fixed" by firmware at some cost to the feature set and knobs that I move inadvertently.

Good luck with your search for a decent m4/3 camera.

I can't agree more with your frustration regarding the issues you mentioned with the Olympus system. I'm a huge fan of Micro Four Thirds overall but I thought I was missing something not having tried Olympus. I took an OM-D E-M1 to Cuba with me and found it to be exceptionally difficult to use. It provided fabulous image quality but the controls and the menus were a nightmare. I recently published my experience on my Blog and I'm amazed at how many comments I've gotten that support this camera based on the fact all good things have a steep learning curve. Not in my book, at least not when there is something as simple as a GH3 or GH4 that you can use right out of the box not needing to even look at the manual.

I applaude Olympus for pushing the envelope but their enthusiasm has made their cameras exceptionally difficult to use and REMEMBER how to use. Reinventing the wheel just because you can is not necessarily a good thing.

I found the user interface of my newly acquired E-M1 very intuitive and easy to use. I felt completely familiar with the camera almost from the get go and hardly had to give the manual a glance. The ergonomics are generally superb.

What do you think acccounts for our somewhat divergent impressions of the user friendliness of this camera?

It's quite obvious. He has never used Olympus, but a huge fan of M43, so obviously has been using Panasonic cameras for some time. Hence GH3 and 4 can be picked up and directly used w/out bothering about the manual.

You've been using the E-M5 for what, a couple of years now? Therefore for you the E-M1 is like the GH3/4 for him.

Yes, that was my point.

However, DPR did a unique thing for the E-M5 at the time it was new, it published a guide on how to use it better and more effectively. I don't know if they did a similar thing for anything else. If not, then the OMD series must be somewhat unique in that there is huge potential which the casual user might find difficult to tap.

I think the only special thing about Oly cameras is that they have a lot of features and a lot of customizability. As a result, there is a large amount of menu items. If you are new to Oly cameras, it takes you a bit of time to digest all those. But there is noone forcing you to do that or do it right away.

A case in point is the following claim by Daniel Cox about ISO, WB, and EC:

"I spent three hours over three different days trying to understand how to make the Custom Function buttons do something similar to what the GH3 and my Nikon cameras have."

Well, there is no reason to do any of that. EC is on the front dial. ISO and WB are on front and rear dial, respectively, if you flip the lever (there is only one other than the on/off switch) from 1 to 2. No button pressing at all required to do any of these things. Smart, isn't it?

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