A77ii users please verify no banding

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Re: A77ii users please verify no banding

I was part of some of those threads as well. The consensus was that that particular sensor was faulty or perhaps a connection was loose. I definitely can not make banding happen on my A6000.

What *was* an issue is how "christmas lights" would show up as if you'd be standing in a window with a lit christmas tree behind you, reflecting on the window. That would only happen when you're using JPEGs with noise reduction and very poorly lit conditions under high iso. I've since discovered that some other cameras show this as well, but the A6000 a little more than others. You'd have to hunt for this to make it happen. It's unlikely this will ever is a problem under normal use.

Another issue is AWB is a bit poor. It makes bad WB decisions when in poor light one color dominates the scene. For instance, at dusk with greenery around. Things become rather purple. The fix in that particular case was to set the WB manually all the way to 9900K.

I've since compared it with my A3000 and older A57 shots, and the A6000 makes better AWB decisions in some other cases. But it definitely goes way off track in certain conditions that you don't ever see on other cameras....

I wonder if the A77ii has the christmas lights effect as well... or poor AWB under some conditions.

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