Duck Back Riding Duckling Grebes Part 1 (9 photos)

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Re: Duck Back Riding Duckling Grebes Part 1 (9 photos)

JeffAHayes wrote:

Mike, I've enjoyed HUNDREDS of your photos during the past almost three years, but this series FAR AND AWAY takes the cake as the most enjoyable of any I've seen from you (or pretty much anyone else)!

That little duckling appears to have SO MUCH PERSONALITY! Either it really does (and I personally believe some birds do) or you just were able to capture shots that made it appear to... My favorites are Shot No. 2, with the duckling looks straight up in the air... I want to put a little word bubble by its mouth that says... "Whoopeeeee! I'm goin' for a riiiiiiiiiddddeeeee!!!"

And No. 6, which makes it appear almost like Momma Duck has TWO HEADS, with only baby duck's neck and head popping out from dead center of mom's back, and him/her looking directly ahead, just like mom is.

Danggit, I swear. Now I want a PET DUCK!


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A word is worth 1/1000th of a picture... Maybe that's why I use so many words!

Many Thanks Jeff! i had a great opportunity and took it, i may go back as they'll be a little older soon

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