need help with 580EX ii on my 70D

Started Jun 3, 2014 | Questions thread
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Re: need help with 580EX ii on my 70D

I have a 430 exii, and don't usually have a problem with the ETTL getting good flash results, usually I'm just setting the speed I want, and let the camera figure out the rest.  Are you changing the flash's zoom setting?  I have found, and it may be just something I've run into, that I need to tell it the approximate mm of the lens to get good results.  Additionally, if you have a flash diffuser lens on the flash, that can make a difference as well.  I find for longer distances I get a hot spot in the center of the image if I don't use the diffuser.

I don't use the flash a lot, but the only time I get dark results is in program mode I believe.  I'd have to re-check that.  In Tv, Av, or even in manual I get well-lit captures.

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