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See page H-16 of Sb700 manual. Its not crippled.

Also refer to E-32 and also B-18 I know how you feel I came from an Olympus system (still use) and the flash FL-50R is much simpler to use.

Lou Cioccio

As page H-16 points out, auto FP high-speed sync is controlled by the camera and not the SB-700. D5300 just doesn't have this function.

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Thanks guys!

I can see them putting a limit on the pop up flash, but not an external flash. At the time, I see no reason to upgrade to another camera. The image quality on the 5300 is stunning and will wait till the D620 comes out next year.

I ended up returning the sb700 for the Metz 52. It was a tad cheaper, a little smaller, and not as flimsy on the 5300. It also seems to be more powerful too. I didn't feel that Nikon should get my money for a flash that is crippled by the camera.

Flash is not crippled (will work in HSS mode on any camera that has the feature)...the camera is missing certain features. A business model many companies employ.

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My opinions are my own and not those of DPR or its administration. They carry no 'special' value (except to me and Lacie of course)

Lets see how the D5300s competitors stack up regarding HSS:

Canon T5i - has it

Pentax K50 - has it

Sony A65 - has it

Nikon D5300 - doesn't have it

In short, it may be a "business model many companies employ" but its also one that Nikon abuses more than any other. Their "trickle down" method of adding features is starting to look terribly dated.

So darn true. It's a shame Nikon does this especially to a very capable camera. It's to bad because this would have been an ultimate camera if this marketing issue did not exist.

The D5300 does have RPT (repeating flash mode) but you must use a SB900 or SB910.

Repeating flash (RPT) is a special manual mode where the flash fires repeatedly during a single exposure. This may be useful for a technique known as stroboscopic motion photography, where stroboscopic (i.e. pulsing or repeating) light is used to capture multiple images of certain fast-moving bright objects set against a dark background on a single frame

On the plus side, the Metz 52 flash is awesome and love the way it syncs with the camera while changing the flash compensation and f_stop. For some reason the sb700 wouldn't do it and had to be adjusted manually.

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Steve Bingham

Thanks Steve. For now I'll just deal with it until I upgrade body in the future.

I ended up getting the Phottix Mitros+ kit with Odin radio transmitter for a great deal. It has every option available and I'll see if it has that option too.

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