Question about a Full frame Leica lens on the Leica T

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Re: Thanks for all your input

Iphoto wrote:

Thanks to David, D. and Joe. This is a lot clearer. I mainly want to use full frame Leica lenses for portraits since 90mm seems to be around the perfect focal length for portraits. Probably the 75mm Summarit on the T might be the best. I don't think the Leica T lenses will be sufficient for portraits, since the 23mm and the 18-56 are shorter focal lengths. Of course the 56mm on the long end of the zoom might be OK since that translates into 79mm. What do all of you think?

In the next month I'll be deciding on the T or the Sony A7s. A lot of great choices these days.


Not all good portraits are headshot. While there is a specific method for making classic portraits, this may not be what interests you. You can make an excellent portrait with just about any lens.

The summicron offers a very smooth out of focus rendering and is sharp across the frame making for even full body or people & environment portraits.

The kit is actually a pretty solid option for classic portraiture though you'll be about 1 stop above average, meaning the shallowest dof you're likely to get is tip of nose to the ear lobe, depending on your distance to subject, and a bunch a caveats.

As to the summarit…do whatever makes you happy. There are a lot of really good options at 50mm if you want to add something artistically interesting and adapters are super cheap.

With respect, someone that has a T on the same shopping list as an A7s probably will benefit from clarifying their objectives. If low light video is on your wants, there's an obvious answer.

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