First Impressions on new Leica T

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Re: First Impressions on new Leica T

FujLiver wrote:

barjohn wrote:

I just received my new Leica T today and my initial impressions are favorable. On an IQ basis, it appears to me to be slightly better than the X Vario. The zoom lens is a little sharper with a little more pop. Whether it is worth the difference in price is a different question...

One thing I have noticed with firmware 1.1, is that there is quite a difference between the JPG and DNG file in exposure, vividness, etc. The JPGs require about +0.40 increase in exposure and then you must look out for blown highlights. An image that will show the highlights blown in JPG (usually recoverable) will not show the same image as having blown highlights on the DNG. The DNG needs just a little increase in saturation and vibrance. Color accuracy is very very good. I will hold off on comments on user interface and performance until I have more time with the camera but it does feel good and I like the strap system.

I would like to hear what others think that have received their camera. By the way, the touch screen seems more responsive on the one I have compared to the demo one I tired a few weeks ago.

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Comments and critiques welcome.

thanks for your comments

I also thought the touch screen was not responsive, glad to hear that later firmware (!!!) is improved.

A big thing for me in Sony sensors is being able to rescue detail from the highlights. Are you saying its not so good on the T ?

Have you sold the XV ?

best rgds

It recovers highlights very well.  What I was seeing and has been discussed in this thread is the difference between the JPGs and the DNG files in the way LR presents them.  It appears that the camera exposes for the shadows.  I find the JPG files appear in LR and in Iridient Developer to be properly exposed but highlights show a small amount of clipping (mind you this is in very bright sunny conditions) and a small adjustment of the highlight slider eliminates the clipping.  The DNG file requires a reduction in exposure of about ⅔ stop and may not require any highlight adjustment.  More likely needs a little shadow boost.  Trying the opposite operation on the DNG does not work for me (not reducing exposure but reducing highlight slider).  I no longer have the XV and that is all I can say about it at this time.

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Honest criticism and feedback should be welcomed. It helps the buyer and it helps the manufacturer improve.

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