Some photos from my XZ-2

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Re: Grobb

Hi Grobb,

Very nice shot of the duck family but way too bright.

Try turning on the ND filter and shooting I do that here in bright sunshine. That way you are not pushing the sensor to its limits.

I can't do as much with that jpeg image , a Raw file would have the lens data that would allow me to use the XZ-2 profile to correct lens issues. shooting into the sun through foliage is going to cause fringing , best to avoid it.Capture one will correct CA but probably not to this extent .

as you can see here the paths are completely blown as is detail on the tree trunk and and on the bike frame.Have a look at the histogram and you will see the blue channel is heavily affected. . Your best bet is to do 3 frame brackets with exposure compensation.

I still use Snapseed desktop for quick edits, you can access this free on google +

I used this on the image below

CS3 is a 2007 program and obsolete, Lightroom 5 will do a much better job. I prefer Capture One Express for my Raw work on the three systems I use , Nikon fullframe, Fuji X and the XZ-1.

download trial versions of each and see which one suits you. Make sure you have a computer with some grunt or it may struggle. Raw therapee is a free program that you could use as well.

good luck with your photography


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