dxo9 and sony A57/65/77, pros and cons from users?

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Marco Cinnirella
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Re: dxo9 and sony A57/65/77, pros and cons from users?

My 2 cents:-

I can't live without DXO 9 but I also can't like without LR ! I use both with my a57, a77 and micro four thirds raws (as well as raws from my RX100)

A lot has been said about PRIME NR in DXO 9. It can be very good but many folks seem too lazy to tune the NR sliders in order to get a good balance between NR and detail loss/retention. This really is needed if you want to avoid strange artefacts or the 'plastic' effect of heavy-handed NR. Used properly in this way - i..e with the sliders tuned for each image - then I have found PRIME to be great for very high ISO shots (ISO 3200+) but not necessary for low to mid level ISOs, where I am happy with the default DXO NR or else PS plugins like Noiseware, which add the extra sophistication of being compatible with the history brush, layers, etc., something not offered by DXO's NR.

On the subject of time it takes to use PRIME - well yes, 24MP raw images processed with PRIME take about 3-4 minutes per image on my ageing i7 2.8Ghz quad core PC, BUT you can keep working while PRIME raws are processed in the background and you can stack a number of images to be processed while you work on the next one, with, albeit, a slight slowdown in the speed of your PC while this is happening.

DXO still smokes LR for its handling of lens profiles in my experience and I like the integration with DXO Film Pack too.

I have to say though, that when I have 100s-1000s of images to process quite swiftly, I usually turn to LR as I just find the workflow quicker, and the DAM side of things better. I also like the ability to do some PP work within LR using adjustment brushes that more or less have mask capabilities like PS. DXO has no masking at present, so you can't, for example, only apply NR to a noisy sky, unless you go to the effort of processing the raw twice - once with NR and once without, and then combining them using layers in PS.

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