Full Frame Sony NEX - What do you think ?

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Re: Full Frame Sony NEX - What do you think ?

I do not know if I would buy one, since I like the hump, but then again I already have enough Sony cameras. But this is what I think:

  1. Sony wants to put pressure on other manufacturers by throwing a FF sensor in a body the size of an APS-C camera. Irrespective of what you think about  the need of a FF sensor in a small body (handling, size of lenses etc) it is a talking point/marketing and many people will jump to it because, "bigger is always better right"? *wink wink* *nod nod* *does a little dance*
  2. If turns out to be true Sony will push out cheaper lenses, to go with this camera. People that go for a sub-1000 body are less likely to be spending 1.5x the price of the body in one single lens (FE 24-70).
  3. A consolidation of manufacturing might be on the way and Sony is preparing to phase out APS-C (Nex) models. FF will be higher margin and Sony isn't exactly swimming in cash to have this many lines.

If Sony is following those points above, and they should since I am so smart and handsome, it is great for their bottom line but as a consumer I am not sure what we get from it.

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