Where's the RX100 I/II/III competition?

Started May 20, 2014 | Discussions thread
OP Cipher Senior Member • Posts: 2,643
A lot for Panasonic to change...

Larger sensor

Smaller body

Flip out LCD




If Panasonic goes for small size to compete, that would pretty much get rid of most of the manual controls that attracted many people to the LX7.  The LX7 and the RX100 are really aimed at two audiences.  The LX7 for ergonomics and the the RX100 for size.  I think Panasonic will stick with ergonomics to keep LX7/5/3 fans happy.  I think they would have quite a camera if it was the same size as the current LX7, but with a 1" sensor AND f1.4 - f2.3 lense and a decent EVF.

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