Where's the RX100 I/II/III competition?

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Re: Where's the RX100 I/II/III competition?

tokumeino wrote:

technic wrote:

There certainly is room in their portfolio for something in between the LX7 and the GM1, and they do have the technology. The big question here is what to decide for the lens: the GM1 (with kit zoom) has a big sensor but a very slow lens with limited zoom range. The LX7 is exactly the opposite, a very small sensor (smaller than 1/1.7") with an extremely bright lens.
LX8 with 1 inch sensor while have either bigger size, or a slower lens (with smaller zoom range).


In order to equal a camera with a large sensor (wrt noise and DOF), a small-sensored cam needs to have a much brighter lens. But a bright lens needs to be large wrt to sensor size, while a dark lens may remain small wrt sensor size. At the end, I'm not sure that sensor size matters that much.

Well, that's perhaps in theory only...

It depends on light levels but in general I agree: optics are often more important than sensor size. Given a certain camera (lens) size there is some wiggle room for matching sensor and lens, but if you really want higher IQ you often need a bigger lens (brighter, higher optical quality).

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